Solar power conceptC20 brings more than the standard set of sustainability offerings with no-cost added value services. Previous clients can attest to the C20 effect: improved workforce productivity in buildings with targeted improvement modifications, employee attraction and retention (sustainable infrastructure has been proven to attract and help retain employees), and business retention and expansion (green businesses attract business).
Without expensive maintenance costs, plans that expire every year, and reactive management styles, the average C20 client sees extended equipment life and significant cost savings.

What makes Community 2.0 Different?

The Government sector is leading by example at the forefront of the green implementation revolution. We bring Economic Green Responsibility to every job to save taxpayer money, increase responsible action, and keep costs transparent for better-informed decisions.
By working on time and on budget, Community 2.0 has created a culture that supports our clients’ success.
Understanding the project, its unique demands and constraints, helps us to deliver the most environmentally responsible solution at every stage of the project lifecycle.
We operate our business in accordance with strict Ethical Standards that influence all of what we do. We also provide a workplace that complies with all applicable state and federal mandates, specifically the requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Department of Labor.

C20 evaluates each site in terms of the location and orientation of buildings in order to optimize the use of passive solar energy, natural daylight, and natural breezes and ventilation. Our planning and transition phases excel in preserving key environmental and organizational assets (e.g. shade, green space, necessary infrastructure, etc.) through careful examinations of each site. Our creative workforce and seasoned management team will implement these types of strategies whenever possible to ensure a compliant contract.

We provide our Government and commercial customers with an energy future they can reap the benefits of now.

Smart growth while we protect and utilize resources effectively means better public spaces, neighborhoods, and homes. It translates into exceeded expectations and a powerful contract response.
Getting your building or facility up to sustainable/passing levels concerns everyone. However, we are particularly concerned with the internationally recognized certification system, LEED. Through our stewardship, consultation, and planned resource deployment, we provide for the following LEED Credit Categories:
Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy and Atmosphere
Materials and Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Innovation & Design/Innovation & Operations
Regional Priority
In summary, Community 2.0 brings a dedicated team of industry professionals with over 120 years of combined experience as renewable energy leaders. Because of our tremendous success with solar power installations, we have expanded into other renewable energy technologies and services for large-scale commercial/agricultural operations, housing authorities, and more throughout the Western United States and Washington DC area.
Our company holds the financial capacity to provide for every requirement under the scope of work, and any future additions to this project.