Our leadership has a proven track record that will meet the administrative, operational, and logistical challenges contained in this bid/proposal.
The management team at C20 strives to reflect their competencies in every contract consideration. For example, the team’s careful selection of manufacturers demonstrates their knowledge of the project, their concerns for the environment and the local economy, and their ability to act on the community’s needs directly with the appropriate tools. Executive management prefers to purchase locally from American-based companies whenever possible.
Recruitment and Employee Plans, Transition Plans, and Efficiency Plans have been developed, implemented, and are periodically updated by our leadership to reflect changes in technology and society. Pre-planning and other risk-averse measures come with every logistical next step, resulting in zero contract cancellations, pre-mature or otherwise.
We welcome a thorough evaluation of our qualifications and organizational structure. The project management structure below will efficiently facilitate the service management, and all other components outlined.


Ms. Sherine Assal | Co-Founder & Chairwoman

sherine-assal-ags1Sherine is the owner and has been active as the Chairwoman since the start of the company. She has over 12 years of direct hands-on experience in Operations. Sherine provides a very focused and results-oriented professional work ethic, which is a key reason for the company’s early success. Before co-founding Community 2.0, she was the Operations Manager of American Guard Services and is a founding member of Worldwide Sourcing Group (WWSG), the umbrella and operating company for C20. WWSG has over 6,000 employees and serves clients such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Ralphs, and CBS, to name a few. Sherine is active in all aspects of the company and is our rock during our sustained growth.

Sherif Assal | Co-Founder & Chairman

sherif-assal-agsSherif has over 15 years of hands-on experience in management and operations as a co-founder of WWSG Private Holding Group with over 12 companies under the umbrella. Sherif is a very client-focused entrepreneur providing our corporate clients first-class service and attention to their details. When he started his first company in 1997, he had one single office in Los Angeles and today now boasts over 35 locations across the United States and North America, with Fortune 500 clients. In 2014, Sherif was awarded the Top Vendor Award by the Cruise Line Industry for services provided by both the security and stevedoring groups he operated. As the President and Lead Strategist, C20 relies on Sherif for the growth of our corporate structure and the delivery of valued services to our Energy and Sustainable Customers.

Clayton Lescalleet III | President

Clayton is in charge of all aspects of C20. He develops strategies and maintains strict adherence to customer requirements. In addition, his responsibilities include the development of new product implementation, new market capturing, training all outside personnel, analyzing customer acquisition data, coordination of all outside sales personnel, and the compliance thereof. In the past, Clayton was a Principle at Integrys Energy Services, Direct Energy, and Amerada Hess. He has over 25 years of energy management experience and is a certified Expert Mediator for energy law matters. He is a graduate of Longwood University with a business and marketing degree.

Justin Beiter | Vice President Engineering

justin-beiter-community-20As a founder of Energy NXG and E-Finity Energy, as well as a demand-side manager, Justin has rebuilt energy systems in over 250 commercial and Industrial buildings throughout the United States since 1991. His family owns and operates E-Finity Distributed Generation, an exclusive Mid-Atlantic and Southeast distributor for Capstone Micro Turbine.
Justin is an active member of the distributed generation and combined heat and power communities. E-Finity DG currently has a fleet boasting more than 500 running Capstone Micro Turbines throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

Justin has deployed solar for the following clients:
Whole foods, Edgewater NJ, 2003 (100 kW)
Whole foods, Ridgewater, NJ, 2003 (130 kW)
Pathmark Supermarkets, 3 in NJ, 2008 (750 kW)
Progress Energy, Oxford NC, 2012 (3 meg) Utility Solar Farm
Lindenwold School District, 2011 (2.1 Meg) Canopy & Roof
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ, 2004 (250 kW)
Seagull Lighting, Riverside NJ, 2004 (1 Meg) Roof top Array
Voorhees Pediatric Hospital, Voorhees NJ, 2004 (115 kW)
Albany Solar Farm, Altamont NY 2015 (10,000 kW, under construction)


C20 is a full service sustainable resource-oriented company with 20 years of absorbed experience providing energy solutions to clients throughout North America. The company boasts an associative tie with E-Finity Energy, which was founded in 1991, and got its start implementing Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) such as efficient lighting and HVAC systems for both public and private sector clients.
Today, C20 operates with expertise in multiple alternative energy technologies—a meaningful differentiation point for the company making it possible to best tailor our service designs to the unique needs of each and every client.
C20 has been proactive in analyzing state-by-state incentives in the United States, as well as programs in foreign countries, to seek the most profitable and economically feasible opportunities. Factors such as regional electricity and gas pricing, availability of federal and state rebates and subsidies, provincial feed in tariffs, and labor costs have led to projects for C20 in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, and the Canadian province of Ontario.
With our Corporate Headquarters in the Los Angeles metro area, and offices in San Francisco and Wayne, Pennsylvania, we are highly equipped and suited for projects in the Sun Belt states, as well as those on the East and West Coasts. Our experience and longevity support this, and many other constants about our company that are apparent in our projects.
Throughout C20’s history, it has been able to capitalize on its well-established ties with other leading brands to meet project requirements, deadlines, and expectations. By partnering with respected Residential Financing, Commercial Financing, Natural Gas & Combined Heat and Power Co-Developers, LED Design, Manufacturing & Incentives Consultants, and Green Building Partners, we have led a forward thinking response for multiple Governmental, commercial, and residential facilities and dwellings. Community 2.0 is internally resourceful, yet we know when to compliment a contract requirement with mutually beneficial alliances; this is the foundation of Community 2.0.