capabilities commercial solar energy installationOur innovative business model, related experience, skills, and possession of the capabilities necessary to undertake this project, make Community 2.0 the optimal choice for your sustainable energy needs. Projects or services not mentioned in the original bid, but might be deemed relevant to the final outcome (e.g. Solar Hot Water and energy efficiency measures), are built into the workflow anyway to minimize expensive transition costs, contingencies, and other surprises. Importantly, high quality and cost-competitive equipment/services/products are supplied in all instances to offset future problems with grade and quality; these premier industry materials are guaranteed to last longer, which results in a decrease in maintenance costs.
While many other plant developers are currently struggling or unable to obtain financing to complete their construction projects, Community 2.0 stands as an outstanding example of how sound fiscal management can create financial security—resulting in the responsible use and protection of taxpayer and corporate assets. C20 promises a full service approach to your sustainability needs without the fear of working with a vendor known for poor execution or financing ability.



C20 employees and associates undergo trainings, certification programs, participate in conferences and workshops, and attend other skill development opportunities. Because of our approach to benefit packages and wages, employees tend to stay with us and grow alongside mentors. Our goal is to create an environment that maximizes their voice, talent, and efficiency.


Our Company strives to employ and utilize a local workforce whenever possible. We encourage our partners to understand the environment and unique setting of each client.


We offer solar as a resiliency option, such as the optional inclusion of black-start capability and battery backup. We always aim to make our clients’ energy production resilient against floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and more.

Our ability to design and engineer complex systems with impressive energy outputs equals only a fraction of our total operative potential. With our administrative capabilities, and our tangible proof of high performing projects in the foreground, our capabilities as a sustainability forerunner are clear.
To supplement the alternative energy design/install component of our business, C20’s Clean Power Solution, we also offer the following to our Governmental, commercial, and residential clients:
Energy Assessments
Energy Audits/Benchmarking (DOE)
Energy Improvement via Utility Rebates
Sustainable Energy Solution Deployment

Each comes with recommendations that utilize up-to-date technology for cost-efficiency and energy reduction. When coordinating energy assessments, C20 offers an assessment of rebates, grants, and other financial programs that can benefit our clients.
We also provide energy bill analysis for demand charges and baseline usage compared to industry averages. Similarly, when coordinating energy audits, our experienced team of Energy Sustainability Specialists provides no risk proposals and a detailed audit of opportunities present. Participation in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Benchmarking Program becomes easier with C20 by your side.